Want to educate your employees about personal transitions and managing organizational change? This Learning Management System (LMS) Module is an easy, cost effective way to reach a large audience.

  • Great for pre-work before a team meeting or longer training related to upcoming changes.
  • Self-guided one-hour training module that gives you access to key change management topics including understanding:

    • Dynamics of organizational change management
    • Importance of managing organizational change
    • Requirements for driving organizational change management
    • The eight constants of change

What is the content?

  • What is Change Management and Why is it Important?

    • Lesson 1: Three States of Change
    • Lesson 2: What is Change Management?
    • Lesson 3: Drivers of Change
    • Lesson 4: Project Management vs. Change Management
    • Lesson 5: Cost of Not Managing Change
    • Lesson 6: Importance of Managing Change
  • The Eight Constants of Change

    • Constant 1: It Takes a Village: Organizations change when the people within them change
    • Constant 2: An Object at Rest Tends to Stay at Rest: Resistance is Inevitable
    • Constant 3: Old Trees have Deep Roots: Commitment to the Past hinders change in the future
    • Constant 4: Get to the Heart of It: Connecting to the head and the heart builds commitment
    • Constant 5: Beware the Paparazzi: A leader’s actions speak louder than words
    • Constant 6: You Can Say That Again: Effective communication demands quality and quantity
    • Constant 7: If They Build It, They Will Come: People support what they help create
    • Constant 8: You’re Not in Kansas Anymore: Sustaining change takes support and reinforcement
  • Your Next Steps/Resources
  • Best Practices Reflections Activities and Workbook

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