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How Change Guides Started

Introduction to CM

Building Comptetency in CM


Talking About Culture During Change


The Role of a Manager

CM 101 – Do Phase

Change Management 101

Eight Constants of Change

Constant #1

Certification in CM

Certification in Change Management

Agile Change Management

Managing Change in an Agile World



Reistance During Change

CM 101 – Plan Phase

About the Change Readiness Audit

CM 101 – Sustain Phase

When a Change is Over

Lessons Learned

When a Change is Over

Our YouTube Channel features videos about Change Guides, our consulting team and other change management topics. Our videos are sectioned off into playlists.

Featured Playlists:

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CM 101 Model:Plan Phase
CM 101 Model: Do Phase
CM 101 Model: Sustain Phase
Eight Constants of Change Video Series
Intro to Change Guides LLC
Intro to Change Management
Lessions Learned: Meet Our Team…
Voices of Experience

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