Culture is a set of shared values, beliefs and assumptions which drive and shape norms of behavior in a group of people. We know leaders create and drive culture and culture shapes the behavior of individuals over time and impacts business performance.

What kind of corporate cultures enhance long-term economic performance?

  • Strategically appropriate cultures
  • Cultures that help organizations anticipate and adapt to environmental change

At Change Guides, we use a combination of employee surveys, leadership interviews and focus groups to assess your current culture. We create your “Company Story” so that leaders can look in the mirror and understand strengths and opportunities that exist in the current culture. We also help identify changes needed in order for organizations to be more adaptable.

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Our Mission: To help our clients drive successful change and build change management competence

Our Vision: To be the premier resource for strategic and tactical change management solutions

We Value:

  • Responsiveness – We listen and react to the changing needs of our customers
  • Flexibility – We create customized solutions
  • Collaboration – We take an inclusive approach in all we do
  • Excellence – We provide the best solution in all we do


“Thankful to have your perspective and insight.”

“Helped bring order to a significant organizational change.”


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