Stacy Aaron, Partner

Stacy has more than 25 years of business and academic experience specializing inchange management, marketing and organizational behavior. Stacy, with her partner Kate, founded Change Guides in 2005 and co-authored two popular books on organizational change management, The Change Management Pocket Guide and The Eight Constants of Change. Stacy has provided change management consulting and training to organizations of all industries and sizes, helping her clients implement strategic and operational changes through a people strategy focused on effective communication, stakeholder engagement, leadership alignment and reinforcement. Stacy has authored articles and is cited as an expert in the field of organizational change. Stacy has spoken at several conferences including the Association of Change Management Professionals Global Conference, the Lean and Six Sigma Conference, The Business Analyst Building Capability Conference, the World Conference on Quality, and The Ohio Society for Human Resource Management Conference. Before co-founding Change Guides, Stacy worked with Deloitte Consulting serving clients and helping to shape the firm’s Change Leadership practice. She has taught marketing, management and organizational behavior at Miami University of Ohio, Wilmington College, and Northern Kentucky University. Stacy earned her BS from Miami University of Ohio and an MBA from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. She currently lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. Email Stacy at

Kate Nelson, Partner

Kate has over 25 years of business and change management experience helping large and small companies worldwide get people ready, willing, and able to work in new ways. Kate is the co-author of three popular books on organizational change management, The Change Management Pocket Guide, The Eight Constants of Change and Managing Change in an Agile World. Kate’s clients have spanned the retail, consumer products, life sciences, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. Kate has authored articles in regionally, nationally, and internationally distributed publications and is frequently cited as an expert in the field of organizational change. Kate is also a frequent speaker at conferences and organizational events on the topic of managing change and developing an engaged and productive workforce. Before co-founding Change Guides in 2005, Kate worked with Deloitte Consulting serving clients and shaping the firm’s Change Management practice. She earned a BS from the College of William and Mary, an MBA from the Fisher School of Business and a MS from the School of Natural Resources at Ohio State University. Kate served on the Board of Directors of the Global Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP). She currently lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. Email Kate at


Annie Ayvazian, Consultant/Trainer

Annie Ayvazian has over 20 years experience across a broad range of human resource disciplines, including 11 years of HR experience at Procter & Gamble. Annie is an energetic leader, skilled at assessing organizations, designing systems, and determining solutions to unleash the potential of individuals, teams, and organizations.

Key competencies include human resource management, change management, communication strategy/planning project management, agile methodology, organizational assessment, training & development. Email Annie at

Gina Giannitelli, Consultant/Trainer

Gina brings over 20 years of experience to her clients. She has led many aspects of Organizational Change, from leadership alignment to adoption support. Gina worked at Deloitte Consulting prior to Change Guides in various consulting and HR leadership roles, notably contributing to the firm’s Talent Management and Talent Development strategy and execution. Gina serves as a live-virtual instructor for Change Guides.

Key competencies include organizational change; change strategy and advisory support; multi-national implementations; change management, communication, training and adoption plan development; communication and training content design/development/ delivery; pulse and adoption survey design and analysis; human resource management strategy and execution; project management/PMO. Email Gina at

Nirvana Patel, Consultant

Nirvana has over 14 years of Project Management experience working with multi-functional teams to lead the design and release of small and large scale projects.

Key competencies include, business process/landscape analysis and driving solution implementation through the design, development, release and adoption process. Her primary strength is the ability to understand the culture and internal processes of an organization and use this to ensure effective Project and Change Management consistent with client goals/success criteria. Nirvana has worked extensively with CPG companies to help achieve project goals in Marketing (including R&D), HR and IT disciplines. Email Nirvana at

Alec Sawitsky, Consultant and Trainer

Alec has over twenty-five years of experience with business systems and transition management, across both the public and private sectors. As a change specialist, his strength is in working with stakeholders at all levels, from planning to solution delivery. His change practice is built on his roles in business analysis, process improvement, project management, testing, and training. As a practitioner, his approach is based on a framework and best practice, scaled to the type of change, complexity and an understanding of the people impacted by the change. Alec is a Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP), with studies in several change managment methodologies and approaches. He is also active as an instructor, speaker, and coach on change practice. Alec is able to apply his background and experience to large-scale initiatives, and “get-up-to-speed” quickly.

Sheri Schweppe, Director of Marketing/Operations

Sheri has been with Change Guides since 2005 . She works directly with many clients, along with Change Guides’ Consultants and Trainers, to assist in account management and to manage business relationships. Sheri is a key part of the management team and analyzes and improves organizational processes, and works to improve quality, productivity and efficiency. She manages all marketing for Change Guides, including developing the marketing strategy for the company in line with company objectives; coordinating marketing campaigns with sales activities; planning and implementing promotional campaigns. Email Sheri at

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